Raisins is named dry or dehydrated grapes, usually eaten raw, cooked or as an accompaniment to other dishes or food, its uses range from snack, to yogurt, cakes, galletones, all kinds of chocolate, raisins stuffed, there is a range huge products containing raisins in their ingredients.
There are blondes and brunettes, of different sizes and varieties of grapes. The grapes are sun-dried naturally to obtain dark raisins, and drying tunnels for golden raisins.
Very sweet, are a great source of energy because they contain high doses of carbohydrates. The grapes to be dried increase their nutritional concentrate, raisins contain vitamin A and B, iron, potassium, calcium and selenium, are rich in fiber helps reduce cholesterol and regulate intestinal transit. They are a good diuretic, improves blood circulation and are a good source of antioxidant.